Butterflies in the room…

The sun sets on another day…

The sun crosses the sky endlessly, heedless of time, casually unaware of us all.

We are so lucky.

We have the capacity for love. 

I will not be trite or militaristic and say we are the only creature that can love, but I will say we have a capacity for love that seems to be more complete than others. In that capacity we also have the ability to feel for a person so greatly that it overwhelms us, makes us think differently of the world, and makes the world a better place. We cannot often choose who we love, but we are part of how we love. Some people can feel this deeply, others not so deeply. We are all lucky if we can feel at all.

I was looking at another site today and someone posted they had been married for 14 years, and he stated he still gets butterflies when she walks in the room. Too many forget that feeling or don’t realize how important it is, but I feel strongly there is someone out there that will give you butterflies. Someone who will love you to the moon and back, and the stars beyond, someone who will protect your heart (umm, not like my story on another site), no matter what, someone special that will be there for you, and you for them. Is it always? Perhaps not. Is it easy to find, again, perhaps not, but I know of a few, and those few are enough to grab onto and believe in, those few mean there are more.

So as the sun sets on another day, take this sappy post, and look for the passion that makes butterflies in your stomach, make sure it is not the flu, make sure they feel the same, and make a future, no matter what. To Leland, keep it up!

Sleep sweet, love life, and live for passion each day…

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