Serial thinking


The sun sets on another day…

Perhaps I should say cereal thinking, but serial or linear thinking is what I was considering today. As I was visiting a business today I came across a quote on the wall that was simply, “make your day the best ever”. So I have a short exercise for you.

Easy linear thinking:

  • If you wake up – it is a good start to the day
  • If you don’t, not such a good day.
  • If you were warm this morning or comfortable, it is a pretty good day.
  • If you were suffering, not so much
  • If you ate, it was a good day.
  • If you couldn’t eat (and were not starving yourself on a diet) maybe not so much.
  • If you could walk, good day!
  • If you were unable to walk, maybe not so much…

See how this goes? This list could span a long list of items. For most of us this is a no brainer and maybe we should just look at #1, did you wake up and realize there is always hope. Hope for more, hope for change, or even hope for a smile, but hope to be a better person and part of something bigger every day. So in the process we can be the best day ever.

So as the sun sets on another day, lets look at a linear line of serial thinking to find a happy place, and stay there and visit for a while. It is much better than the alternative.

Sleep sweet, love life, and laugh, all the time if you can!!!

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