To be true…

The sun sets on another day…

It is a moment in the life of the sun as we are born, live, and pass. (Depressing huh) A moment that we can be someone that matters, or someone that does not, someone who is true, or someone who is not.

It is my opinion we should be true to others. Sometimes this means being true to a fault, sometimes it means being more pointed, but always it means that we should be true to ourselves. We have to live with ourselves above all others, not all the pressures of the world but instead the only pressure is the pressure we put on ourselves. (Sometimes that is more that we can easily handle, but I know you can.)

It is a unique idea in this world, but maybe just maybe we can all be true to ourselves, and in the process be true to others, and then the world. It does not mean always being right, nor does it mean we always do what people think is right, but it does mean we are true.

So as the sun sets on another day, think about what is true to you, and only you, then make it happen. Only affect you, only worry about you, and as a side effect, you may well be more than a moment, and instead a force to be remembered, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, think good thoughts, and change the world, maybe by making a parade!

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