Never backward…

The sun sets on another day…

There is never a reverse sunset, unless you consider the sunrise a reverse sunset, and the sunset a reverse sunrise. The thought is almost silly.

Why then do some people think it is OK to go backwards in life, and not see the benefit of moving forward.  Does it take TV and movies to get through to people, if so here are a few of my favorite quotes:

  • “Never backward, always forward, always” from Luke Cage
  • “Just keep swimming”, from Finding Nemo
  • “Never give up, never Surrender” Galaxy Quest
  • “What’s behind me, is not important” Gumball Rally

..and so forth and so on. The list is long, but Hollywood seems to think we should move forward as much as I. Perhaps the solution is to find your way while moving forward, learning from the past while yearning for the future. I like that, and it doesn’t seem to be penned by anyone so I officially state we should learn from the past while yearning for the future!

(It sounded good)

So, as the sun sets on another day, let’s find a way to the future, a clear way, a possible way, and as we do so, move forward always, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, smile often, and love life, it is a great life…

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