The sun sets on another day…

As we pass through the many days of darkness, with only clouds in the sky and the snow falling now, and then falling again, take a moment and consider how fantastic the summer is, how the sun influences us, and makes us happier, day by day. Even when we are happy, the sun will make us happier.

Yesterday, as I experienced the passing of a family member, I listened to a service and they spoke of influence. From the dictionary influence is the ability to create change on another and as I listened yesterday again I added to myself and hope to share now.

As we leave a place or pass from this earth we must consider that you cannot bury or hide influence. If it is there, it finds a way.

Remember, influence s not reflected in a mirror, it shines with a light of its own. Influence cannot be defined by demonstration, but can be the source of a movement. Influence is not calculated by mathematics, but its effect can be incalculable. Influence is not dissected by logic but can create a logical conclusion. Influence is not measured by rule or chain, but it can reach across the world. Influence simply is the ability to impress upon the future the power of the present.

So how do you influence people? Do you do so in a positive manner and avoid the negatives about you, or anyone else? Or do you focus on negatives to shadow the darkness’s in other areas. 

It is in this we define ourselves as good or bad people, we can influence to be positive, and make the world a better place. We can avoid the negative, we can pass by the layers of deceit in the world and instead be the positive light we should be, always.

I knew a person once that I thought was positive, until I overheard them talking about others in a negative way. Later I found those negative statements were about everyone, and were a tool to protect something. The influence brought everyone down and was a negative, and if that person would have just kept the high road, they would have been seen as a bright star.

By that same token I know a person who was always talking well of others. It was amazing how many good things they knew about most people and they always had something positive to say. Even when the day was dark and dreary, they tried to make a positive statement on everything. In the end, they made peoples day more positive by influencing the day.

One influence we can have is on our children. Are we building good future leaders? Positive role models for the world, or are we building people who want.

There are those who will influence us forever. Neil Armstrong, Bell, Tesla, Edison, Mother Teresa and dozens of others who laid the foundations for the future. A future that is brighter because of their influence.

So as the sun sets on another day, climb the mountain, smile at your friends, lift people up, and be an influence that makes the world a better place, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and live it, each and every day…

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