The sun sets on another day….

First there is an idea. It can be abstract or obvious, mundane or amazing. It is an idea, no more no less. Ideas can be the start of something only when you are dedicated to make them into realities.

Imagine a world full of ideas, but no one with the dedication to make them happen. Imagine a world of dedicated individuals, with no ideas to execute,

Nether works well. We are the sun of our ideas and our commitment and dedication to a cause, or cause being the idea.

I have seen so many people have great ideas, and then they unravel when there is no dedication to making them happen, so I ask you, actually perhaps I am begging, perhaps strongly suggesting, to take up a cause and have the dedication to see it through.

There are some caveats, but they are not important, you will discover the issues if you dedicate yourself. So make the world a better place by making positive ideas into a reality, no matter what.

So as the sun sets on another day, be dedicated to your ideas, your honor, be dedicated to your beliefs, but stay positive and consider being as dedicated as this picture, and be willing to kite surf in the ice, and be happy with the wind.

Sleep sweet, love life, and dedicate your life to being positive and happy, every day…

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