Happy day…

The sun sets on another day…

You know, happiness can mean a lot to a lot of different people. Some want elaborate items that show them how much a person can spend, some want elaborate events that show the world how special they may be, and some way other things that create a happy day.

If you asked everyone what things made them happy the answers would fill a small country. People are motivated by different things,and made happy by even different things. I know some people who are motivated by feeling special, and others that are motivated by feeling poorly. (I know, odd, but true) The point is, if you want to make someones day a happy day, you have to know them first.

Personally I have found that when I was young I opened the presents first, and the cards last. At that time the presents were the most important thing to me. As I have grown older I find I open the card first, and the present is just an added bonus, as I want to know how people feel first, and the gift, well, it is nice, but gifts mean little when compared to feelings.


So as the sun sets on this interesting holiday, have fun with ideas and concepts, or lots of candy and stuff, but as you watch the sun set, be happy of the gifts you have been given, and enjoy every moment you have, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, enjoy the moments, and love life each and every day…

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