The suns sets on another day…

I am reminded of a scene in “Dude, where’s my car” where the two main characters got tattoos, and go back and forth saying “What’s mine say?” “Dude” “Whats mine say?” “Sweet” and back and forth missing the fact that their tattoos were “Dude” and “Sweet”. Anymore I say that to myself to laugh when someone misses the point of the laughter, but then eventually gets hit in the head with the apple and goes, “ohhhhh”. 

(Another fun example is when Doug the Dog in “UP” beats the alpha and everyone says , “Yes sir Alpha”, to which Doug replies, Alpha, I am not alpha….ohhhhhhhhh”)

Sometimes the light bulb takes a moment, and in that moment we realize something grand about life or about ourselves or even about someone else that just makes us go, “ohhhhh”.

Hopefully this is all good for you and when the bank says there was an error in your favor instead of questioning it away you can go , “ohhhh” or when you see that special moment you can go with it and say, “ohhhhh”, or even when you have a moment of peace you can say, “ohhhh”. (Without tone inflection there is something lost there, but imaging I am saying it to you.

I have seen so many people go crazy in a situation until someone finally says, “umm, we are agreeing with you” and suddenly there is an “ohhhhh”.

The point is simple, maybe open your eyes and see a further moment, and in the process perhaps realize something good instead of overthinking the moment. 

So as the sun sets on another day, just say “ohhhhh” and enjoy each second of each day until you know that life really is on your side, and everything will be OK, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, say “ohhhhhh” often, and smile when you do it, because it’s sweet!


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