Kettles and Pots

The sun sets on another day…

The sun is just the sun, each and every day. It is a body in space and does not care about what it is, nor what anyone else is. (Mostly because it is a body in space and not really alive, but you see where I am going I hope)

So in life we sometimes determine who we are and define ourselves based on a variety of aspects. Some are very possibly correct, some are not. The point is, that none of them really matter if you know yourself. So, tonight it is a good exercise to do this simple thing. Go to the mirror, look at yourself, introduce yourself, and be happy with yourself. There really isn’t a choice. You are who you are and changing yourself from pot to kettle really doesn’t make much difference, you are still either pot or kettle.

I knew a wise young lady years ago in a bad situation. She was talking about how people change and made the statement that it did not matter how much an apple painted itself, it would never be an orange. She had a good point and I hope she does well today with her apples, oranges, or just goes bananas.

So as the sun sets on another day, the only person you have to prove yourself to is you, but you need to know you to be happy with you. So take a moment, get to know you, and realize you are special and amazing. In the process, find your way to happiness, just because you will know yourself better. And oh, those people who may call you a pot, or a kettle, or even a frying pan, let them slide to the side as they really don’t matter.

Sleep sweet, love life, and like yourself, no matter what…

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