Forever memory….

The sun sets on another day…

Today as I was cleaning up my little area I picked up a cup I have had for some times. I remembered the cup, but I had not thought about it in some time. As I turned it over, there on the bottom was a date and the words, “Love Dad”.

Of course, being me, I was a bit overrun with emotion for a few minutes as I remembered the discussions, the thoughts, and the moments that gave me the collectors mug in my hand, but what was even more was the thought that I did not consider this memory more. After all, the memory was a positive one, well before my father died. The memory also was about the reason the particular item was given.

So let’s switch gears to the wolf for a moment. The wolf is a family based animal that derives its strength from the social behavior it works within. The pack is strong because of the wolf being strong, and the wolf is strong as the pack is strong. The wolf is loyal to a fault, but when crossed will win as the strength is derived from all of the pack.

So as I sit and stare for a moment at a collectors mug, and the discussion I had so long ago about counting on family, and family counting on you I pass on to you all, believe in yourself and your family. When your day is at its darkest it is they who will be your pack beyond all others and will help you when the times are tough. Find your way with them, and always let them know you will be there too, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and be happy, every day.


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