Unsure moments

The sun sets on another day…

Today began with a trip trying to see whales. It is interesting when you have a goal that can have no guaranteed outcome. There may be whales, or there may not, but it is their choice, and you have no effect on any of the equation except to be there. This choice allows you to share in the moment, or not share in the moment, but does not guarantee the moment.

As I sat watching the horizon with a doze other people I was happy for the chance at the moment and considered that is true with our lives each and every day. We have no real control over how good or bad our day will be, only how we will accept it and respond to it. A good day for some may be an amazing day for others. What some people see as a disappointment may be an amazing outcome for some others.

We can each be happy with any outcome if we only realize that next time, it may be in our favor. So today, as I came back to the dock with no story to tell or picture to show, I was given a card for a second pass, and knew that next time might be different. 

At bare minimum I met some amazing people on the board, had a fantastic boat ride, and enjoyed every moment. Maybe we all should just enjoy the moments we are give in spite of the outcome and realize we are special, no matter what.

So as the sun sets on another day, lets enjoy it, love it, be happy in it, even if it does not go the way we expected. In the process lets find the way to happiness tough whatever life gives us, and be there with open arms.

Sleep sweet, love life, and live your life like every day is an amazing adventure….


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