The sun sets on another day…

As the sun crosses the sky it brightens our lives with near limitless power. Power that gives us warmth, light and a series of positives that can’t easily be counted. Wow.

So on this wonderful day, let’s take a moment and be thankful. Not necessarily for the things we don’t like, but for those things that we should be thankful for daily. Be thankful for family, and equally as thankful for friends. Be very thankful for your friends that are family, and those people who make your life special. Be thankful for your coworkers that become part of your team, and for those people that work with you to make your life better. Be thankful for your job. Be thankful for home, and pets and those things that give you peace and pause in your life.

Mostly be thankful for those people who really love you. Whether it be friends, family or others, real love is hard to find. A sacrifice that know no bounds, and a feeling that you will be supported no matter what, no matter when. A feeling that cannot be denied and where you know you will not have to worry about anything, as the one who loves you is not bound by rules, just by you, and you by them.

Pretty special stuff.

So as the sun sets on another day, say thank you, Mahalo, Danke, Arigatou, XieXie, Gracias, or any of hundreds of other ways. Say thank you, and know that other will thank you for who you are as well, no matter what,

Sleep sweet, enjoy life, and smile!


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