A little focus…

The sun sets on another day…

In photography you focus the camera by aligning different lens elements causing a shift in vision. Depending on the aperture, the focus may be very tight and singular, or very wide. As it widens, more light is necessary, but as the focus becomes more singular the need for light is less. 

In life we are faced with similar each day. We tend to focus on many things at once, and in order to do so, we try too look at too much sometimes. As our focus widens, so to do we need more and more light to show us the right way, but when we become more singular, well, at those times we don’t need quite so much. Perhaps in life we need to be more singular and in the process find that we can see one item more clearly. Perhaps we need to pay less attention to those far reaching items and more attention to one item at a time, thus gaining focus, and clarity.

It is also possible we need to get more information as we make decisions, and with additional “light” become more effective at managing ourselves, and more effective at seeing a bigger picture. 

Of course how each and the large number of other alternatives work are dependent on each of us. As such, find the focus that is right for you. Find your way to happiness, understanding, and enjoying life more by focusing on those things that are important, and making the world a better place, no matter what.

So as the sun sets on another day, choose your focus for you. Understand what you can handle, how much light you have, and how you can deal with you data, and as you do so, focus a little on you as well, and enjoy every moment, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and find your way…

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