An eye for…


The sun sets on another day…

Our eyes take in so much, but how do we see? Do we see with our eyes, our mind, our heart, or something much deeper? As the sun sets is it just colors in the wind, passing forward, or is it an amalgam of feelings, colors, life, and much more?

I like to believe we can see beyond. I have great reason to believe in the basest nature of all people, and I know how poorly we can act as individuals, and even more so as a group.It sometimes amazes me the way people see the world, and the narrow mindedness they can sometimes exhibit. I do, however,also know the heights we can all go to be more that just a person, the level of commitment we can have, the powerful forces within us that can help us rise above our day to day thoughts and be more. With that power we can find our way to help others, and ourselves as we see a bigger picture, a picture beyond us that includes us.

All we have to do is see how great we can be, and then make that our reality. I know that the world isn’t necessarily perfect, and that we will not always see eye to eye, but I also know if we take a moment and see with more than just our eyes, that we can realize the world can be a better place, and we can be part of the solution. Our actions always speak for us louder than words and by seeing the bigger picture, we can deliver a more appropriate solution.

So as the sun sets on another day, you are not always right about how you see the world, nor I, nor anyone, but the strength of being great is accepting that the world is full of eyes trying to see, and we should respect most of them. I cannot ever say who is right or wrong and it really doesn’t matter as long as we find our way to be together, happy, and to enjoy life, each and every day.

Just so you know, as I waited for a great sunset today, I had company as usual, and they too for a moment saw a bigger world.

Sleep sweet, be watchful, and find your way, no matter what…

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