Happiness is…

The sun sets on another day…

As I reviewed and considered terabyte upon terabyte of old data, trying to make sense of the past and decide what to keep for the future I came across a sound file with song from “You’re a good man Charlie Brown”. The lyrics to that may be found here.

The song points out that all of the characters have different things that make them happy. Different points that bring them joy. We are not all the same types of people, and what makes one person happy may not touch another, but one of our biggest gifts may well be to identify what others need in life, then have the ability to do something about it.

I know, I know, this is often easier said then done, but doesn’t everyone truly deserve to be happy in some way? (Unless you are a really really bad person). Doesn’t everyone deserve to find their own way, or be helped along when they truly have internal wants or needs.

If you are aware of how to make someone happy, shouldn’t you do everything in your power to help them find their way? I think so. I think the greatest gift you can gives someone is to help them find some type of happiness.Whether it is a friendly listening ear, or a kind voice, a soft touch, or a dance in the moonlight, why in the world would we think our perception of what they want is more valid than theirs. Maybe we need to listen, then find our way to help people towards their happiness and in the process maybe get a little happiness for ourselves along the way.

So as the sun sets on another day, happiness is, enjoying the moment, watching a sunset, trying to fly…, happiness is all of the things that we want to do, happiness is finding what is true. Or something like that. Let’s find a moment, find some happiness, and make the world a better place along the way. Pay attention to those around you and don’t just think of yourself, but open your mind to possibilities, and remember, for you the song will change, becoming happier and happier, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, be happy, and sing about it too…

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