Even if…

The sun sets on another day…

Each sunset it different as the sky, the air, and a thousand other variable affect the color, the intensity, and just the overall look of the sunset. The sun however, is always the same. The changes in it are superficial, and inconsequential as it burns in the sky timelessly.

With people it is true as well. Even if we look different, we are the same inside. True our experience makes us react and act differently, but we are all built very similarly and have the opportunity for greatness.

Sometimes it gets tiring consider how many people decide how other are based on surface items. How can we truly know who a person is until we talk to them, know them, and find common or uncommon ground with them. In the movie “Shallow Hal” the main character sees the world based on how people are inside, and it is a very different world. Those people who were beautiful perhaps had seen the world from a very different perspective, but they came out with a gentle soul.

I have known a lot of people, and I have found some of the most wonderful people I have ever known to be people who were not someone you would expect on the surface. Years ago when I owned a large online service I had a woman online that was vibrant and alive, and constantly kept everyone happy. She was literally full of life. To get people to see beyond the online world I had quarterly get togethers where anywhere from 50-200 people would attend and enjoy each others company in the real world, making the connections that you cannot do in an online world. Many times this person avoided those get togethers until finally, one day she came. She was on two walking sticks, her hair was thinned and she walked with difficulty until she could sit down. She sat alone, obviously nervous from being at such a large group meet.She was ignored for a moment, then as I talked to her and realized who she was, I introduced her to more and more people and she rapidly became that person she was online, because it was who she truly was inside. A beautiful person with a lot of stories to tell.

So as the sun sets on another day, consider those people around you and find those you can enjoy your time with, and see them for the beauty they radiate from inside, not from their appearance. As you do so you will see a new world, and perhaps help them see happiness as well.

Sleep sweet, see true, and live like there is no tomorrow, no matter what…

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