The other side of fear…

The sun sets on another day…

As the sun sets, then comes twilight and darkness. There is nothing to fear as we know the sun will rise again, all we see in the darkness is just a shadow to be dispelled by the light of sunrise.

Fear has always fascinated me. It is funny, in the middle of the worst situations people often let go of fear, but the fear seems to eat them away when anticipation of the moment is calling upon us. Well, some people would say I am weird for saying funny, but I mean funny strange.

When I was young I was afraid a lot, but for reasons many don’t get to see. As I grew older I found ways to overcome fear. I remember I once found I had a fear of heights. I knew it was unrealistic so I went to the Quality Inn in Covington, KY, rented a high room, went to that room and hung over the balcony until it did not bother me anymore. I remember at first being unnerved, but I felt I had to overcome the fear, so I pushed, and a short while later it was not a big deal. On my other side of fear was peace and peace of mind. I was no longer afraid, and in finding that I was free.

Later I became a father and remember my youngest daughter at a water park. We walked up the tall stairs to the top of a really large slide. The mouth of it was dark blue and looked like the maw of some giant animal. Other kids cycled in and out, but as I sat there my daughter was so afraid. What is it hurt, what if she drowned, and the list went on and on. She cried and I told her sometimes we have to let go, then asked her if I would ever do anything to harm her or let anything harm her. She said no, but was still apprehensive. Fear gripped her tightly, but I decided to go behind her, she sat, holding out, resisting, and then, all at once she went down the slide. It was snowy and cold outside and the ice was a reflection of the bonds that held her, but as I followed a moment later the tears and fear had turned to outstanding joy. She giggled and simply said, “That was fun” as she got out of the pool and ran up the stairs again. Once she had gone through, there was no stopping her, and the fear was gone, her other side was elation, passion, and pure delight.

Fear keeps us from being who we are, and who we can be. There are of course reasons to be concerned, but fear can freeze us, keep us from living, and from saving ourselves. Imagine the people who fear flying, only to realize they never had anything to fear and instead missed the ability to explore life. Imagine those that avoided risk, only to find that their lives were empty. Imagine those who fear love, and never get to have it. The list goes on and on, but the truth is, there is nothing to fear, save fear.

So as the sun sets on another day, consider fear as a stepping stone to another side. The other side is a door only you can open. Fear can hide away your passion, but it can be overcome. As we overcome fear perhaps we can find our ultimate expressions. Perhaps we can find the passion to stop saying I can’t, and instead reach out and know how we can. My daughter found a new passion, and learned that the other side of fear is so much more. We all can do so and in the process become the people we should be, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, live hard, and laugh as often as you can, and then a little more…

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