Overcoming fear…

The sun sets on another day…

I looked to the dark sky and watches a sparkle of light pass by at the end. I smiled for a moment because it gave hint to a weekend filled with sunny days, and fantastic nights. The foliage is opening and beginning to fill and the garden will be popping up like crazy soon. We will have enough cucumbers to last a long time, and beans, zucchini, and much more. Life is good.

As I watched the dark sky I thought of fear. Fear is pervasive right now. Words like “Crisis” and “Pandemic” strike terror in the hearts of people who were once thought brave. People line up and align with their beliefs,  and shun the ideas of others as fear forces them to ignore anything that is outside their purview. With many there is no conversation, no way to have one as they cannot see beyond the wall of fear crushing their very souls. In this fear there are those who capitalize and feed the fear, and somewhere as with the ancient myth of Pandora, many slam the box and all the remains trapped is “Hope”.

I will not take sides in the fear battle and merely try to point out to people that they should consider both sides, break down the fear. After all, how can people communicate if they have no common ground, how can we tolerate if we fear? It is tough.

I was once told that if I rode a motorcycle I was selfish, because I might die. The choice was be afraid of death, or to live and I chose to live.  I hate fear as any of you who read know, because it keeps you from being alive. If we know that tomorrow we may be gone, what do we do? Why aren’t we doing it now? Why aren’t you? I have written 50 times using the word fear (Find them here) but I cling to the idea of a post I wrote here. They all have meaning but they can have more meaning if you consider what scares you. Do you know? Is it what is going on now? Something different? Spiders? (well, people are afraid) Sure, fear has many forms, but in the end, maybe we need to overcome fear. Maybe we need to use reason, and make fear just another stepping stone to learning. The world would be a different place without fear, and now the world is a different place with it.

So as the sun sets on another day, set aside fear and enjoy your day. If a cloud comes, grab an umbrella. If life gives you limes, add them to your Corona, and enjoy whatever it is you like. Enjoy your life, live for happiness. Do more than be afraid, live your life and be happy with every day, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and feel your courage…

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