It’s not me….

The sun sets on another day…

The sun passes above us, and as it does we see the colorful light show it passes to us all. Sometimes fun, sometimes funny, always a show worth seeing. The sunset catches us all with its glory, and as we see the sunset pass on, we can only look in wonder as it passes.

Today I spent time wondering. Wondering about the past, the future, and how each day will lay out in front of us. I spent a lot of time considering all the moments that made me who I am today. Somewhere out there, someone else was feeling the same. There are always questions about what make us who we are, and rarely are the answers obvious. Our parents, our families, our work, our school, and a dozen other factors that make us “us”. Inside though there is something else, a deep spiritual feeling or innate drive that takes it to the next level. Perhaps it is love, perhaps it is a soul, perhaps it is just a combination of genetic and amino acids that give us the drive to be who we are in life, but in the end, it is always pretty special.

My challenge for you today, look in the mirror and for a moment see who you truly are, then challenge that person to go farther, and be better. How? There are lots of rules and guidelines but the simplest thing I know, is do the right thing in the face of the wrong things, and make a difference. It may not be the right thing in some peoples eyes, or any other peoples eyes, but it needs to be the right thing in your eyes.

So as the sun sets on another day, take a moment. Consider your path, and consider how you will make your path better and better, for this time and the next, no matter what. Consider your life, and consider how your life can be the best it can be, and make it that life. Consider your moments, and how special they are, and make them even more special. In the end, its not me, its you, and you are the most special person alive, remember that, and live for it, each and every day.

Sleep sweet, sleep some more, and laugh a lot every day.


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