Sharing the moment…

The sun sets on another day…

As I looked to the sunset I saw colors that I could not have mixed in the most amazing paint lab. Along with the colors I felt passion, excitement, and a variety of feelings that cannot easily be put into words.

Sometimes the world is just that way. Every once in a while you get a day that cannot be described. A feeling that may never come back, but you dream it will. A moment that takes your breath away, and then you breathe. Sometimes you find a person who is just that person, a person that sees inside of you and makes every moment you have the most special moment in the world, as you try so very hard to make their moments as real as yours.


Special memories, special moments and special people are meant to be shared. They are meant to be more than they seem to be, and more than many can imagine. I ask, perhaps I even implore that anyone reading take a moment and find those days that mean more than words, because those days will show us a completeness in our lives. I hope anyone reading finds feelings that are not turned off, but that overwhelm and rush over you like massive waves, and prove to you there is good in the world. I hope anyone reading has moments that capture your imagination and take your breath, those moments that make you smile, laugh, and feel truly alive as though you were just born and each new instant is the most fantastic instant of your life. Mostly I hope you find and keep a person next to you that is more than a friend, more than a love, but that person that truly makes your heart race. A person who can see into you and see past the seconds and instants. A person who can laugh with you, cry with you, and who you can share your most intimate thoughts, knowing they are safe and you are special. I hope that person can see your needs as well as you see theirs, and as you walk through life together you will never feel sad or embarrassed for anything, because everything is always alright with them in your life. I hope you find that person who would live in a mansion, or live in a box, only to be with you, and you with them.

In the end, I hope you share your moments with the world, and in the process help make a world that is better. There is so much that can be made better in our world, and it always starts with you.

So as the sun sets on this day, where I get a moment older, and hopefully a fraction of a moment wiser, take a second, a moment, an hour, or a day. Figure out where you want to be in life, then raise your sails and let’s find a way to get there, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, hold on tight, and ride the winds to happiness…


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