The wind in the leaves and the leaves in our lives…

The sun sets on another day…

I lay in the sun.

I lay in the sun under the tree.

I lay in the sun under the tree in the breeze.

I lay in the sun under the tree in the breeze and watch the leaves rustle.

So it goes, on and on until there is detail after detail, until finally a clear picture is drawn. 

When I started this 650 odd articles ago, I was short and sweet and to the point, then I built a framework to address things for my children, and those who cared. Moving forward I sometimes was lost in a maelstrom, sometimes driving a whirlwind. Now it is time to think once again about goals.

The purpose of 29000 sunsets was to uplift and give my children a reference for a lot of different things they may encounter. To try to get them, and as many people as possible to make a difference. 

This came from a need, perhaps a whim, perhaps more to make a difference in the world by chaos theory. A small gesture can go a large way. I have to start by saying that this was not my first shot. I did OK for a while working with the EGBAR concept. I have written about EGBAR and the concept before, here. I realize that these concepts are just concepts as well, but I like to think that if we make a difference in one persons life, we have a chance to change the world. The first site (all that is left) is here.

So, as I sat today, considering if I was not inspired, and as I found new sources for inspiration, and wondering why some people inspire me easily, and some do not, I think that I will move forward with more conceptual ideas, and more powerful points now.

Enough of that.

As I lay under the tree watching today I watched the wind literally whip thorough the trees. No big deal, right? As I watched though I saw the ripple as one leaf began, then another, and another, until many leaves moved, and together a branch over 3 feet across swayed in the wind. This is the point that needs to be made today. We often consider ourselves and our voice, but do not consider how strong many voices are together. As we slowly feel the power of passion flow across us all, there is nothing we cannot do.

It is even funnier that if the right person speaks to us, understands, and inspires our passion, that it may be even more. I like to think of those people as muses. They have good ideas, but they make other people great. As the wind blows they inspire and incite us forward, like leaves pressing on a branch as the wind presses them. Fun huh?

So on this rather interesting day of reflection, and as the sun sets on another day. I challenge everyone to look for their muse, look for that person who makes them feel like they can conquer the world, and engage them. Don’t set them aside, be silent, or sit in silence, instead explore the power of the moment, and enjoy the feelings that come with it. Along the way, if you have a great idea, or a great picture of the sunset, send it to me at and I will consider it for a day yet to be. Maybe that day will take us further than before, no matter what,

Sleep sweet, smile bright, and love to the moon and back, and the stars beyond…


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