The sun sets on another day…

The essence of the sun is power, and fury, and light, and of course life. Without the sun we would not exist and our planet would be a cold rock floating through space. There are a myriad of other things we can describe the sun as, but in reality it is relatively finite.

People on the other hand are about as complicated as a store full of IKEA furniture with no instructions. You can figure them out, maybe, but occasionally you want to throw something because they may make no sense or at least no sense to you. With that in mind, today the question is, “What is the essence of you?”.

I have to admit I have been fooled before, and I have seen right through some people. It may come as a surprise that I am a natural cynic and I work daily to overcome my cynicism.  I have seen so much, and so much of it has been less than wonderful. (Don’t ask, it may scare you.) I have trusted some people who have crossed me, and others who have hurt me deeply. I have not trusted some people I should have trusted. Still, that being said, life is about finding the positives in a negative moment and finding the positives in a positive moment. (A lot of positives) So I strive each day to see the positive in people, even when I see or expect the negative. It helps that I have virtually no social conscience, but it would work otherwise as I pay attention and try to understand a lot if not all around me.

I have found that the people who hurt me the most, were not necessarily setting out to do so, they were afraid, or selfish, or uncaring, or sometimes just too busy. Those same people are the ones who lifted me higher or still continue to lift me higher when I actually can interact with them. They show me pathways into success, or at least a pathway to peace.

I try to define my essence as one that focuses on others, and tries to keep lives happy (Well, most of the time). Each day being a measure of infinite possibilities. I try to find the high road, even when the road is not easily visible. I consistently try to define the world around me and affect it in such a way that maybe, just maybe, it is a better place.

So what about you? What is the essence of you? Is it something good that finds a way out for all to see? Are you defined by those around you, or do you define the world as you see it, and help people along? Do you find a way to make people laugh, or cry? Do you see beyond a person’s words and into their actions, knowing there is more to them than they are saying, and more to see than they are showing? Who are you?

The questions are deep and nearly infinite. In the end, the biggest question is “Are you someone you would like to meet?” Answer that question, consider how you treat others, consider how the world is when you are around and I think you will find answers. 

I see people sometimes who think they are super, but who treat servers at restaurants poorly, or don’t pay attention to their children, or worse, over coddle their children until there will be no doubt the entitlements that will come. I also see people who help anyone in need, and who press each envelope into an opportunity for growth, and change. These are the people who help someone in need, who stop to help a car, who find a wallet, and actually turn it in.

So, as the sun sets on another day, consider who you are, but take a moment and consider who you want to be. Find a way to be that person. Call that friend, laugh with someone you don’t know, but press to be the best you can be not just for the world, but for yourself as well. I feel strongly that you will love how it turns out, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, dream a little dream, and be happy tomorrow…

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