You want fries with that?

The sun sets on another day…

The world is an amazing place. Each day we can watch the world go by, or we can embrace the world and have a super adventure. Adventures are not as much fun if you are alone, so why not embrace the moment with a friend, and make the world great for all of you.

Tonight I went out to take pictures with a friend and ended up on an adventure. It wasn’t a “wow we are on our way to the Orient” adventure, but it was a fun walk, a fun discussion and for a short time we laughed at the world. My point is it did not have to be anything over the top but was instead a time where we took some good pictures, drove around and got a few hamburgers. In the process we talked about the messed up world, and how beautiful the area we live in is to explore. To top it off, we got fries with that, a big old giant bag of fries from Hamburger Mikey!

So what have you done with a friend today? Have you called a friend? Talked to a friends, thought about a friend, or done something, anything with a friend? It doesn’t take forever, it is just a moment where you can talk and laugh and make sure someone knows that they are more than a hat rack. 

So as the sun sets on another day, consider the last time you talked to your friends, and give them a call, make them laugh, tell them about your life, listen to theirs, and make today a day to remember, no matter what.

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Sleep sweet, smile on the inside, and laugh at all the moments you can!



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