A passion…

The sun sets on another day…

I was reading today (duh) about more studies about attraction and how we see other people. It always amazes me how some people take to other people quickly and efficiently, even though the process and types of people may be very very different. Ask two different people who the best looking person is in a room, and they will rarely agree. Ask two people who they like the best, and looks are right out the window. Attraction may be started by looks, but it ends up as a complex series of actions and interactions that define a relationship or the start of a relationship.

There are so many people I have met, and had a variety of attraction levels with, but usually the first thought is fairly neutral. How is your first meeting, is it first sight wowsers? Or first sight downer?

Don’t get lost in thought here. There are many items that keep two people together, but first sight, well, it is different.

The study I recently looked at (today) stated that brain activity was different for different people with different pictures and in person. It was found that those people reviewed in pictures were attractive to the same person in person or via a picture, eliminating certain other items quickly and efficiently.Is that all there is to it? Is the world so superficial that a look is all it takes or is there something more.

In my life the people I have been closest to were people I communicated with, understood, talked to, and took the time to know. Not the people who looked like fashion models or were striking, but the people who had passion about similar things in their lives or better yet, about me and I them. I am having a hard time seeing a world where passion is simply a snapshot, and instead I think true passion is born out of something more.

As I have said before though, the larger the passion, the bigger the high ride, the harder the fall if there is failure, so there is a danger. I woman I dated once told me there would be no one like me ever in her life, but then said she could not afford the fall. She ended up with someone she said was “Safe” and who was “not smart enough for her to worry about” so she never had to feel the highs, or the lows. Maybe it is a sequential event. Maybe the snapshot starts a process, the passion builds the power, and intellect takes over. Maybe, but if intellect takes over, can a truly intellectual relationship with no passion survive? Can a lack of face to face extinguish passion or is it something else? I have had passion before that is immeasurable from long distances, does that throw the curve?(We all know it can because we see it all the time) Maybe, just maybe we should shoot for the stars, and keep our feet on the ground as we walk into passion and attraction, and press for the best we can possibly have in our lives.

It appears I have more questions than answers today. Social Anthropology answers most of them, but it is a confusing maze of misdirection, so I will stop here.

So as the sun sets on another day, consider the passion you have for people, and important people. Don’t let it go, but instead make it the best it can be and push each day to love life like never before. Let people know they are important to you, and not just how they look. Meet mind to mind, and make the world a better place, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, smile like crazy, and live for the day….


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