A whisper

The sun sets on another day…

Nothing can capture someone a completely as a whisper. As people listen they are more attentive, and more entranced by not only words, but the meaning of those words. 

Maybe that’s why some people just like to speak quietly and not force their words on others. I listen a lot, and unfortunately I talk a lot. I go back to the first though, I do listen a lot. So when I discuss things after listening for a long time, why not whisper. A whisper can grab a room more effectively than a yell, and caries enough power to crumble a world.

In comic book land there are lots of superheros, Superman, Wolverine, The Shadow, and a variety of powerful beings assail our minds in new movies, but perhaps someday they will do a show on Black Bolt, who can never speak to protect us all, and listens wisely, and in one desperate whispered a word, it did not matter what the word was, but it leveled a city.

I like to think the author was pushing a metaphor that meant something. When truly powerful people need to talk, a whisper can bring down walls, eliminate boundaries, and change the world.

So as the sun sets on another day, well, maybe it is time to listen. Maybe instead of talking all the time and trying to be heard we all need to listen. Maybe instead of thinking we know and speaking without facts, we need to listen. Maybe, and maybe when it is time, we will whisper, and the world will be a better place.

Sleep sweet, love the silence, but live the music, each and every day…

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