Not half bad…

The sun sets on another day…

Today I listened to someone talk and they said a few times that it was “not half bad”. 

After a good meeting with lots of positives and only a few negatives they left, and I considered their consistent response. If you are not half bad, then you are more good right? Perhaps that is a good way for some people to look at the world. Those people who cannot seem to see the half full glass as really all the way full, need to be not half bad, so they will be more than half good!


If we actually take a moment and consider our days, there really isn’t much we can complain about. Maybe instead of complaining we should start counting ourselves lucky for the positives in our life. After all, if you look for only a few minutes you can find people who have dealt with worse, almost daily. Maybe, just maybe we should just do the best we can, and enjoy the ride along the way, because when you think about it, if its not half bad, or better, not so bad, or even better, no bad at all, then it is all good. Isn’t that what we need in life? Let’s enjoy the moment and be all good!

So as the sun sets on another day, we tend to overthink the bad, and under-think the good. Let’s strike that, reverse it, and be thankful for the moments we have, the moments we cherish, and the moments that make our days great. After all, we are incredible people, and deserve good times in our life, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, enjoy moments, and live for the excitement you can, every day…

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