A promise is a promise…

The sun sets on another day…

I have probably said it quite a few times, but I have seen more than a few movies.As I watched people interact today I was reminded of a very old movie called “A Little Sex.” Now it is not exactly what you think, well, it may be a little, but it is very PG and very thoughtful for a movie. The story revolves around two people who fall in love. One is very passionate, and very straight laced. While the other, the man, is way over the top as far as being a modern day “sex addict.” 

The story is quite cute, and it carries itself well with a lot of good jokes, good puns, and good morals but as the story comes to an apex, the man cheats. He tried real hard to avoid it, but not hard enough. The situation is not important, instead it is the makeup that is the moral of all of the story. He tells a story to her class (she is a teacher) that ends easily and with a thoughtful statement, “A promise is a promise, but even snakes deserve a second chance.”

So, tonight as I watched people I watched couples happy, and couples fight. I saw people alone, and people with someone, and I thought, how does this make up always occur? It was then I was reminded that every day is a promise. It is a promise of a good day, a promise of something great and happy. 

There are so many thoughts here. Thoughts of forgiveness, or a lack thereof, and of a thousand other things, but the key here is try to forgive. It will not always be easy, and I know sometimes it will not happen. Usually when the other person doesn’t admit what they did wrong. Still, try all you can and try your hardest to forgive the day if it is not perfect. Just remember, as bad as anything is, it could be worse, er, well, maybe. (lol)

So as the sun sets on another day, remember that there is always a choice to be happy, always a choice to forgive. Always a choice to rise us and do the right thing. Always remember, a promise is a promise, but even snakes deserve a second chance.

Sleep sweet, dream big, and live happily ever after, no matter what…


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