The sun sets on another day…

Life is funny sometimes with how we handle words. Each word we use has a specific connotation and elicits a specific response. Some words are wonderful, others not so much. The trick in writing for me is to try to use the right words each day to attempt in some way or form to create emotion.

Now, there are many emotions a person can create with words, but strong emotions are always better. Fear is usually pretty straightforward. With fear you create a situation from which there are minimal if any methods of escape. Imagine the room with the walls slowly advancing on you, and no door to escape, each creak of massive gears finds another inch towards your eventual doom. There are varying forms of passion, where people find each other in the arms of their one true love, but their one true love turns out to be an Afghan hound. There is sorrow, where the people in the story suffer intense loss, and their lives are shattered like crystal vases falling slowly to the floor. Many other emotions are possible with words, and words are a vehicle not just for the moment, but potentially forever.

Some people sing, and song has an added value because it ca use melody as well to pump up the message. Some music is sad, some happy, and some mixed. I am always frustrated when people say how much they love the song, “You are my Sunshine” but if they ever listened to the words would probably drive their car off a cliff. (I have even seen people with tattoos of the lyrics and asked myself, “Did you listen to the song?” I am very impressed with those people who can make words and song mix into a story that brings us forward to happiness, sadness, or a form of elation.

There are those people in life that are truly wordsmiths. They can make us feel, truly feel. I saw a tribute on Robin Williams that reminded me of all the things he could make you feel with just words and the tone behind them. People like he are spectacular as they grab on to something deep within your soul to pull part of you out and expose it to yourself. From the happy go lucky “Mork” whose childhood innocence made us laugh to the focused psychologist in “Good Will Hunting” who had experienced more pain than any 10 men deserve Robin Williams made us feel not only who he was, but who we are inside. We are lucky there are people like him in the world, for without them, life would not be as happy a place.

So here I am, trying once again to elicit from my connotations. Some days I may reach a few people, some days I may reach a few more, but always I try, not for any other reason than if one person has a better day, if one person sees something new in themselves, if one person opens their mind, if one person is more excited about life, or if one person sees a picture and feels at peace for a moment, it is all worth my time.

So as the sun sets on another day. Breathe. Take a deep breath, feel the air pull into your lungs. Remember who you are, remember who you want to be, find your way to happiness, and make the world a better place, no matter what…

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