The sun sets on another day…

The storms are rolling in after a crystal clear morning that was beyond belief. A light breeze blew and I was amazed at the clean air. Woof. It was awesome!

As I sat in the relatively early morning hours feeling the prickly coolness assail my skin and considered the word “no”.

As the sun sets, it has no choice, there is no yes or no, there is only what is. The sun rises, the sun sets and the myriad of moments in between can be positive, negative, or they’re independent of it actually happening. There is no yes or no, only that it happens.

For all of us it is not so simple. I find it funny that no is often one of the first words kids learn. We always seem to focus on the “no” in life, and not the redirect to “do this instead” or the though that no should never have been an option. Sounds silly, but consider the child walking and grabbing something potentially dangerous, why was someone not there, why was the item there. The “no” would have been unnecessary, and sometimes the no (Like don’t put that in your mouth) doesn’t take into account that it should actually be “yes” build a healthy gut full of resistances.

As we grow older, we really need to consider the no more effectively. I remember a movie that had the quote, “Why ask why when how is so much more fun” I think it should be “why say no, when how is so much more fun” not because it promotes the bad, but because shouldn’t there be a “how”.

Consider the day to day, “wanna go to a movie?” “No”, “Why”, “Because I said so” or such nonsense. If you are interacting with people in a group you should consider the group dynamic and be a part of it, or leave the group. I wish people would pay attention to how it is not all about them, it is about they.

I consider this true in most “relationships” because one person deciding means one person is always in the corner. Not a good place to be. If one person decides no, what is the second left to think. 

Maybe we need to take it a step further and add a why and a how to the fray. The why to explain, and the how to offer a solution that works for both. Doing so offers us a choice, and a choice is one of the things we really need.

So as the sun sets on another day, “No!”. Umm, just kidding, the sun is setting and the world is a better place because you are here. Find a way to make your life complete, and move past no to something special, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, laugh a lot, and be happy every day…


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