Time tricks…

The sun sets on another day…

I have written before about Stephen King and his story “My Pretty Pony” here. It is a very good short story about the essence of time. Today I felt time was on my side or against me several times and I considered how funny the thought was of time being different, but it is different depending on how you look at it.

So consider me waiting for a phone call from someone I reached out to: the message was left and I was given a time, and slowly the time passes, then passes some more, and passes some more, and maybe a little more. In those times you think time is taking forever but minutes feel like hours, and it can be the most terrible feeling in the world just waiting.

A long long time ago, in this galaxy I had a girl friend who began “branching out” to do other things. As she did she would promise one thing, and then I would wait, and wait, and wait, and maybe wait a little more. She would then call and cancel and tell me she got tied up, and set me aside. The time I experienced was excruciating as I waited for moments and suddenly it was hours, each tick of the clock a rip in my heart. “Years later I realized I did the same thing to someone else and did not even realize it, and had a terrible penance to pay in my mind that seemed just as long. 

The good part is that sometimes good things can last equally as long if we let them. The slow work on a favorite hobby, or the work with someone else on life can seem like hours of pleasure, and only really be moments. It really works in your favor as well. Time can be an amazing ally, or a terrible enemy. I spent time with a fried this week at the beach, and it was only a few minutes, but the memories and the laughs will make it a forever.

I urge you to read the short story sometime and consider how time passes for each of us and challenge each person reading to take a moment and trick time. How? You can trick time by simply ending your attention to it. Set the phone and the clock aside and instead focus on the moments. Whether it is long or short it will not matter, because without measure, is there a time? Without a point of reference, does time matter?

So as the sun sets on another day, your assignment today is to read “My Pretty Pony” by Stephen King, and instead of getting stuck in a forever time loop (Like in the movies) get stuck in a special moment. Hug someone special, enjoy the breeze, laugh at a joke, or simply make the world a mosaic that only you can paint. Make the world a wonderful place in your mind and maybe, just maybe it will become that for us all. 

Sleep sweet, love to the moon and stars beyond, no matter what…

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