The wind in my hair…

The sun sets on another day…

It is sometimes funny when I come up with an idea from someone I talked to or something I saw. I consider my past and the pasts of those people I have talked to, and then I search for a few things similar. 

I really liked the movie “Tangled” as it revolved around a young lady who just wanted to see life, live life, and be alive. “The wind in my hair” just happens to be one of the songs in the movie. This weekend, while I drove around a lake I felt alive with the wind in my hair, and thought about how great it was to experience new things, and live a dream. So today as I wrote I saw the similarities, and I believe the entire thought process is valid.

If you are not feeling the wind in your hair from driving a cool boat, a motorcycle, a classy convertible or just a car with the windows down, consider for a moment the possibility that it should would be cool if you reached a little further. Consider all the fun you could be or are having with the wind in your hair, and even if you don’t think you can feel the wind in your hair, consider the metaphor and find something that you love.

We should always strive to be as positive as possible. We should be committed to our dreams in life, and find a way. We should always find a way to be better and see past the next stop sign, we should all try to see past the stops themselves, and to the journey that may make us better people. Yes, there will be some flats, some problems, some bumps. They won’t stop us because we can see past, and know that our choice is to have the wind in our hair, no matter what.

So as the sun sets on another day, well, don’t let anything hold you back. Feel the wind, feel the sunset wash across you, and the sunrise too, and all in between. Find a way to keep moving towards your dreams and keep on driving. Find ways around the obstacles, and if you have to drop anchor for a while, remember it comes up too. Try not to settle for what you can have and instead find the best route to make your life complete. It may not always be what you think, but you will enjoy the ride. In the end, remember to have fun, because without fun, well, life would be no fun. (duh) Lastly, take a few people with you, you may not know it, but they may need you for a moment or two.

Sleep sweet, drive hard, and listen to good music whenever you can…

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