Of a feather…

The sun sets on another day…

As the sun sets the sky becomes alive with life. Some finding their home for the night, some finding a way out to the night, and some just frolicking in the colors as the sun slowly goes down. It is amazing how the same thing makes people react so differently.

The same is true in life. When people are faced with a situation they react in a variety of different ways. Some people run towards darkness, some people run away from darkness, and some people just go with the flow and enjoy the moment. Today’s question is who are you?

When faced with change are you the one who runs toward the change, who embraces the change in the blink of an eye knowing it is your place to do so? Are you the literal person who has no fear and find a way? If you are you probably are doing well, and your only drawback may be getting board from time to time. Many books state people who grab onto change are likely to be our leaders, and those who take us to new heights.

There are those people that like to play it safe as well. Are you the person who goes home and stays out of the limelight? That person who stays safe and makes sure things are always good? Perhaps then you are safe and doing OK, maybe nothing special, or maybe really special, but never too far too fast. Instead you make it work, and make sure that you are an anchor. I like to think these people make ur lives great because they are the ones we can count on always. 

Then there are the others. This will not be just one type but from flighty to unpredictable. Are you one that can never be predicted? It is hard to see who or how you are, but more that you are probably either having fun or always miserable. You likely are not sure of what you want in life, and even if “whoop there it is” you miss out. Sometimes you may even ruin something good thinking you are being safe or not safe, but in the end, you are just making life a little rougher for yourself. 

Now I am no PhD psychoanalyst. My thoughts are based on observations for a lot of years, and I could easily be either right or wrong, but maybe, just maybe I got you thinking for a moment. Thinking is the best thing you can do and I challenge you to always take at least a few moments a day to think, and maybe look at a mirror and decide how life truly is for you.

So as the sun sets on another day, I would like to think you are a flock, a series of all of the best qualities of all types of people that adapts yet is safe, is carefree yet reserved. I would like to hope we can all be good people that make life even better not just for ourselves but for those around us. In the end, we are not just here for a few, we are here to make a difference and be the best we can be, no matter what. 

Sleep sweet, smile, and flock together every once in a while…


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