The sun sets on another day…

I started today with a 1000 word negative post concerning something I had read. After I looked it over it just wasn’t very positive and it will end up on the black list for this year.

I am a bit talkative and maybe a little over the top sometimes (maybe) and I do have strong opinions. At the core is the definitive need to be as positive as possible and to live life consistently for passion and happiness above all. With all that happened this weekend I cannot in any way let myself be negative.

There are people and situations in life that try to bring you down, shut you down, beat you down, or who by being down try to bring you down with them. Then there are superstars (People and situations here). Those people that rise above, try to solve, entertain, just listen, or make a difference in your life. Our superstars are often those that keep us from the edge of despair when it is creeping in, and who smile at us when we don’t think the world can smile at us at all.

It is no surprise that I met several superstars this weekend at the Michigan Authors Book signing event, and no surprise that most of them were there to find a way to make people happy and share their special brand of wisdom. I challenge all who read to find their superstar, and take a moment and be a part of their lives for a minute. Be the person that listens to them, inspires them, or finds a way to help them be even better. Somehow along the way I think you will see yourself rise a few notches as well.

So as the sun sets on another day, there are superstars all around us. If we open our eyes and can see them, we can help them be more. If you can’t see anyone, consider that you may be the superstar, and do your best to be that person for all those around you. In the end, be happy and find a way to be happy in your life because you deserve it , no matter how bad you think you have been, no matter what you think you deserve, you deserve to be happy, no matter what.

Sleep sweet,  be happy, and love to the moon and back, and the stars beyond… 


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