Purified passion…

The sun sets on another day…

I was sitting here today writing, I have a tendency to do that, and I sat considering all the words I have written over time. Today I wrote over 10,000 words on a short story, a post, and additions and rewrites on my newest novel. I also started the shell for the third novel, and pulled out several dozen old starts.

It is amazing what people do when they are imbued with passion. Writing a lot is not a big deal, building something is not a big deal, changing the world, not a big deal. The world is a place where more people need to express their passion and see past the day to day struggles and on to something more.

People are often so lost in trying to do what they think is right, that they get lost in a struggle between what is right, and what is kinda right, and what is not right. On one hand there is social extremes and on the other there is passionate needs. It is fun to determine where the line is and where it should be. Well, maybe not fun, maybe challenging, well, maybe not challenging, maybe impossible.

My point this eve is there is pure passion in life, and we should consider our passions carefully and let them guide us sometimes. A life without passion is not a very good life, in fact it may not be worthwhile at all. Imagine all the feelings you can have, then imagine them being lost to a lack of passion. Icky huh? Now imagine a world where we write that book, right that wrong, right that left, plink that picture, and turn the world around as we try to positively affect others to have a positive effect. Isn’t that better than churning butter and plowing the fields as your only pastime? In my opinion the key is balance, and purified passion that persuades you to be better. 

So as the sun sets on another day, consider the possibilities, Consider how you view life and where your passions are right now. Consider how you can cultivate those passions and yet build a better life, with balance and thoughtfulness daily, then do it, really do it. Let passion be a good guide, and intellect lead the way, blended as one there is nothing we cannot do, so let’s do it, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, enjoy gummy bears, and live life every day…


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