Spirit fingers…


The sun sets on another day…

Ha, made you look with a weak Bring it on quote.

We can’t really touch the sun, as it would make us quite crispy. In fact, a cheap magnifying glass or glass of water will make us quite burnt up as well, if we focus the light correctly. 

We can, however, appreciate the colors of the sky. The deep red hues, and the things around us at sunset, and enjoy showing our appreciation with applause, cheers, or spirit fingers. (Yes, I know, silly) There is a lot to consider daily with this though as we have an opportunity to appreciate something that doesn’t need appreciation.

Here on the ground though, we should show our appreciation often. We have an opportunity to enjoy moments daily, and when other people help us they need to know they are helping us. We should never assume it is OK, it is their job, or duty or more. Armed forces should be appreciated as they protect the country, police and fire, our lives, teachers, our minds, and waiters and waitresses our stomachs. No matter how you slice it, all these people are people and need our appreciation as much as we need the things they give us. There is no room for idle anger, or unappreciative actions. Instead we should applaud anyone and everyone that helps us in life. Maybe we should make a list of all those things you have done for you, and determine which ones you absolutely need, and say thank you for everything anyway.

So as the sun sets on another day, keep the person in mind that does, well, anything. Appreciate them, adorn them with a little appreciation, or maybe just say thank you, but make sure they know you understand their commitment, and make every day as super one, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and say thank you!

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