Not that kind of doctor….

The sun sets on another day…

Two men walk into a bar, they fall to the ground, because, uh, you shouldn’t walk into bars. Someone yells “Is there a doctor in the house” a young man runs to see what is going on and is asked, “Are you a doctor?” The young man looks around and looks at the two men and says, “I’m not that kind of doctor.”

Well, it was funny at lunch. 

Words can open up things like fun and laughter, or knock us down with disdain and sorrow, frighten us with fear and suspense, and mellow us with calm and soothing mantras. In the end, they are all still words. Labels are even more fun. I know many high school graduates that are more adept than multi PHDs, and many multi PHDs that are not quite with it in some areas. So what is the measure of a man, is it the words of the man, or the deeds of the man. Is the measure of a doctor how many lives he saves, or how many letters on his name? I wrote once about Shakespeare’s “That which we call a rose” statement, and it still holds true, is there a label we can put on our self that truly defines us, or is it how we interact with the world?

Maybe we need to understand what those letters mean before we label a person, and maybe, before we trust a doctor, we better make sure he is that kind of doctor. After all, he could have just stayed in a Holiday Inn Express last night.

So as the sun sets on another day, let’s take a moment and consider how many words define us. Are we defined by our education, or marriage, our social status? Or instead are we defined by those people we touch, those we help, those we have loved, and those we have lost. Personally, I would like to think it is a combination of all of the above, but no matter what, we are as great as we can be all the time and then some. Take the time to learn, take the time to love, and take the time to watch a sunset or two, you may find that today’s sunset is that one sunset that let’s you write a poem that defines the word.

Sleep sweet, love always, and I’m not that kind of doctor….



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