Rising moments…

The sun rises on another day, then the sun sets on another day…

So it goes, over and over. The sun rising, and the sun setting, day after day, without end. 

Luckily our lives are full of precious moments in between and every moment is a chance for more moments. It truly could go on without end as we experience the world in new and exciting ways. As a photographer for a long time I have taken a lot of pictures. Each picture represents a slice of a life, and a slice of a moment meant to be held for all time. I have spent a lot of time looking at and loving pictures and have been taking far too many of simply, well, sunsets.

So expect to see a little more from time to time, because the idea of 29000 sunsets is not just about sunsets it is about living life. It is about being positive, and not just being a person who comes home, sleeps, goes to work and repeats until the day they return to dust. 29000 sunsets i about living for passion, having experiences, realizing that life is amazing because you are in it, and finding a way to make life as amazing as possible, no matter what.

Remember, today is a gift, tomorrow is a dream and is there really any justification to leading a less than awesome life. Sure, it may not be perfect, but at least enjoy it, take it up a notch and do something fun. Live your passion, explore your dream, press the envelope, and find who you really are in life. Know you, and then bring others along.

I have done a lot in my life. No matter how much I have done, there is always something more to do, always something exciting to look forward to in life, and always a moment to be shared. I hoe you can say and do the same!

So as the sun sets on another day, it will be fun, it will be amazing, it will be a day only if we let it be fun, amazing, and a great day! So take the initiative, lets make today awesome, and never stop enjoying the moment!

Sleep sweet, smile brightly, and be happy for today…



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