The sun sets on another day…

Pictures are an amazing mirror of our world. They show us things we have seen, haven’t seen, would like to see, and wouldn’t like to see.There are a lot of great pictures in the world. The works of many have been things that strike our souls with passion, and call us to new and uncharted lands. There have been others that are always showing us more than truth, but actual images of what is real. 

I try to follow a lot of different photographers, to see their work. Sometimes I a truly moved and impressed, but always I am interested and enjoy the moment. There is no better moments than those that we see beyond ourselves. No better time than time that is not mundane. The thrill of the moment that some seek and some abhor is truly a spice of life. 

I would like to take a moment and give a massive shout out to someone I appreciate daily. If you get a second and have Facebook take a moment and go to here. He has take a new picture for 576 days. A lot for most people, every one is good, most are great, and some are fantastic. Take a moment and look at these pictures, and enjoy them like I do.

They say mirrors are a window into the soul, if that is true, pictures are slices of a moment in our soul, and can hold memories for a lifetime and beyond. I can only hope that as days turn into years that become decades, good photographers will be remembered.

So as the sun sets on another day, take a moment and take 1 picture, and find a slice of your life worth holding on to, and enjoy it and then some. Create a timeline of your own, not on a site, but just for you, or on a site if you want. Look back at your timeline from time to time and appreciate all you have done. Pay attention, because your timeline may well become a part of you, and show you a little about yourself. As your timeline grow, you will appreciate it every day. (Or maybe not, but I will hope.)

Sleep sweet, enjoy life, and keep living…

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