Shadow boxing…

The sun set son another day…

As the sun passes overhead we see shadows on the ground. They are representations of who we are, caused by light not being able to pass through us, but able to bend around. As the day grows long, the shadows do as well, taking up more and more and becoming more noticeable. Shadows are not who we are, they are dark reminders of who we have been, or who we could be.

We often have our own shadows. They are reflections of who we are, who we could be and what we have done. These shadows may define us, or they may not. We may find that a shadow is something we want to be, or determine that we will fight our shadow, and rise above each and every day. Our shadow may define some of the good things we can be, or some of the bad things we could be, were, or sometimes some of the bad things we are.

Our shadows may be before us leading the way, or behind us, waiting to move forward.Wherever they are, we can choose to see them, or ignore them until the become so large, there is no ignoring them.

Apparently I am lost on shadows lately. Only recently I spoke of shadows and how we must embrace them. To do that, we must first see them, acknowledge them, and understand we want to use them to our benefit, or put them away, never to be seen.

So as the sun sets on another day, take a moment and really see your shadows. Understand those things you keep hidden, bring them into the light and understand them, and maybe either make them part of you, or discard them. Perhaps one day there will be no shadows, it will be just be you, as you are, living as you should, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, have fun, and laugh often…

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