A difference of differences…

The sun sets on another day…

No matter how you think the universe started, it begins with one central thought. A difference became a singularity. Light and darkness, chaos and order, a big bang, a golden egg, all involve a difference that together became something magnificent.

We see the light of the sun and its eternal light show, with fireworks in the morn and eve and a thousand thousand points of light along the day. During the night the darkness falls upon us all, and there is a certain cleansing to us, and a harmony in both.

I thought about this tonight as I was having a particularly passionate debate. Sometimes debates can start wars, sometimes they can be angering, and sometimes they are a door to open a new level of understand. It all starts with differing ideas, differing points of view, and a move towards understanding that without both sides, neither may necessarily be correct. In the end, does it matter. As the Ying and Yang, can one truly exist without the other? Do we consider that in order to see happiness, we have to know how to be sad? We need to consider each of these things to understand the thinking in the terms of finite limits us. A spider that weaves it’s web thin may starve, but a spider that covers an area is fruitful. So then if we keep our minds closed to our small opinions, we will “starve”, but if we open our minds we will see beyond and perhaps understand both sides of the coin and maybe, just maybe be bountiful.

So as the debate raged both sides came together, and became one. In “A Wizard of Earthsea” our hero, Ged has a magical accident that created a dark being the tries to destroy everything, but as Ged becomes more mature, he realizes the truth, and as the book comes to a crescendo, the dark and the light touch and become one. So it is with us all, we must understand both sides of a story to understand who we are, we must consider knowledge outside of our purview to know that we are right, wrong or yes, the third choice, that it does not matter. In the end, the ideas were good, and the debate made everyone understand a new point of view, somewhere in between both sides, but valid for each involved.

So as the sun sets on another day, remember that sometimes a difference is a good thing, and having a difference of differences can make the day both exciting and enlightening. When we truly begin to understand other points of view, we can also see beyond our own, and be better not just for ourselves, but for those people important to us. Let’s learn from each other, and make the world a better place, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, have a debate, and enjoy it as you dream the night away…

(And I know, this is a series of strange thoughts to become a single one, but hey, it was a fun night)


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