The sun sets on another day…

If I were to say there were no limits in life, how would you react? Would you call me daft, crazy, or lost in my imagination? Would you say I am just another dreamer, that lives outside the real world? Or would you say, you are right? There are of course other answers, but I have found in my discussions with people that many just set aside the possibility of anything, in favor of nothing or less than something. We can all get past that.

Imagination created all that you see right now. A simple switch that was on or off became the computer or phone you are now using. The power that flows in most of the things we use, created by someone with imagination. The stories we read each day, again imagination.

I would like to invite you to a place where there are no limits except those we impose upon ourselves. A place where we can be unbound, find happiness, feel love, experiencing success and so much more. All you have to do is to believe. Everyone has a ticket to their imagination if you just take a moment and use it.

As you step through this golden door, look at the things you can accomplish. You can find a way to build, explore, create, experience, and more, just by seeing past what you think is real, and moving into the realm of “IF”.

Take a moment, breath, and imagine the world as a better place. Seeing a solution for every problem. Feeling love. Feeling more. As you see it, believe it, reach for it, and find a way.

Remember, your imagination is a key, and find a way to open the door and see if the imagination is real, but if you fail, imagine success and push for it every moment until you succeed.

So as the sun sets on another day, wow. There are so many great people with imagination. Great philosophers, inventors, programmers and authors that open their minds to you. Meet them half way at least, and open your mind to them, and if you can, go a little further and imagine a world that is the best it can be, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and love to the moon and back, and the stars beyond…




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