Defining a good day…

The sun sets on another day…

You know, I think every day can be a good day. Every day can have an amazing sunset, every day can be fulfilling, and every day can teach you something. Yes, every day.

It is funny, the worst rainy awful days have a great sunset, it is just well above the clouds. The sun is setting and it is crisp and pure and just plain great, but we can’t see it because it is far above us. If we are on a plane, we see fantastic sunsets, and every day can be one from high enough up you just have to be willing to get in that plane and go above the storm.

We are often faced with difficulties, challenges, and downright bad stuff in life. We can let it get the best of us, and give it back to those around us, or we can rise above our troubles and be the best we can be each day. This is not a destination, nor is it a one time thing, it is a series of days tied together by something special, that something is you. 

The question should be, are you willing to rise above all the stormy clouds when they are there, and find the best thing in every day, and make it yours. Are you willing to help others understand how great you can be, or are you going to be just another negative person walking around the world. Anyone can be good one day, but each day is a reset, and each day you must rise above. Each day you must be the best you can be.

So with your children, you must be the best mom or dad every day, because the bad days are not worth causing yourself or your children the pain. With your significant other you need to be the best you can be every day, not wind them through a roller-coaster of wondering what and who you are, and with your job or work or hobbies and so it goes, second best and slipping is not an option. You should be the best you can be every day, least you forget why you are there to begin with.

I have know a lot of really special people. There are those willing to give, and those willing to take, and those willing to be the best they can be at both giving and taking and making the world a better place by proxy, only you can decide who you want to be, but if you want to be better, don’t be better, be best, and find your way to happiness, no matter what.

So as the sun sets on another day, wow. Are we ready to commit to being the best we can be, doing the things we know we should be doing and not avoiding them in favor of what we want? Are we willing to see beyond ourselves and take the chance that someone cares to see beyond themselves to understand. Are we willing to be happy, not because the world is handing us everything we want, but because there is no reason to be sad, no reason to give up. Let’s be that person people want to be, simply because we are wanting to make sure life is great for us and those around us. I can do it, you can do it, we all can do it if we just try.

Sleep sweet, love life, and ride above the clouds for a good day…

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