Sounds of sunset…

The sun sets on another day…

I often talk about the colors, the feelings, the light show, but there are sounds as well as the sun sets on us.

So tonight, as the sun begins setting, close your eyes for a moment. Listen, truly hear.

You will hear animals scurry too and fro, some getting ready for a night out, some getting ready for a night in. Birds will find their ways to nests to ride out the eve. The wind will blow and the echo of the wind will be upon you. Mostly though, listen to the silence. All the other things will slowly fade away, and there will be silence for a moment, silence you can enjoy, silence you can be a part of, you can almost feel the silence pressing its way in, and helping you, making you feel at peace.

You know sometimes we all need a little peace. The world circles us constantly like rabid sharks with lasers. It is overwhelming to consider all the technology and all then gook we have to deal with every moment of the day. In our time it is hard to shut down. People watch reality TV while scrolling Facebook and taking selfies and listening to music. Sometimes it is nice just to slow down. Take a deep breath, watch the sunset, and feel a little peace. Feel it wash over us, feel it grasp our hearts and just let go for a moment. Maybe we should take a moment and enjoy ourselves without our Laser equipped sharks, maybe we should leave our phone at home, set our tech aside, and giggle with a baby, laugh with a friend, take a picture, or rock in a hammock. Maybe, just maybe it is time to recharge.

So as the sun sets on another day, life is not about being first, being right, being controversial, being good, being bad, being anything except for being you! You are the key element in your life and you should take a moment, and truly understand what that means. Remember to be you above all else, not the you others want to be but the you that you may only find while sitting and listening to that sunset. Take away all the pressures for a moment, find peace, and in that peace find yourself. 

Sleep sweet, smile and laugh, and watch out for the sharks with lasers…

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