Where there is a will…

The sun sets on another day…

It is said where there is a will, there is a way. As the sun sets it has a certain power. It may be near unlimited, but can it truly match the power of willpower?

I know quite a few people. Right now I am aware of someone going through a very difficult time. They have faced all the storm can offer, and still they struggle and overcome. I am amazed by our resilience and how we can adapt to a variety of items ranging from those that are little, to those that are life-shattering.

We really need to pay attention to each other and begin to understand. You may ask what we need to understand, but the reality is everything. Each of us faces tough times in our life and we need willpower to get through them From the difficult split from a difficult partner, to the ravages of cancer, and all the pain it can bring. We need to understand that challenges are doors that open us to a power deep inside, and whether it is a job or a life goal, we need to will to overcome. When we face the ravages of ourselves, we also need willpower. Anger and more may infect us like an insidious disease but with willpower we can overcome any obstacle, and find our way. 

Our will to succeed gives us an inner strength we can count on and our will to live presses us to be better. There is will exerted in every day we live, every moment we press, every step we take. Will, is the engine that makes us who we are and it is neither good nor bad. It is.

So as the sun sets on another day, what is your will, and how will you use it to be a better or worse person. In our times now, will is being used for both good and bad, and you have a choice right now on how you react, how you use your will to drive you. I suggest we use our collective will to drive us to a move positive destination, and stop the pain we experience in favor of much more. With many of us together we will find a way to overcome negatives, and our will to be better will make us better, no matter what. 

Sleep sweet, love deeply, and will yourself forward every day…

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