The power of a word…

The sun sets on another day…

So, some nights I try to describe the sunset. I can say easily I always do not do as well as I could, and though I may succeed at the basics of the ideal sunset, I know I miss the mark for a true beautiful sunset. There is power in words but more power in their interpretation.

People take words and turn them into a variety of things. They can turn a kind word into a kinder word. They sometimes turn a sad word into a tear-jerker. The power of the written word is unmistakable, and the power of the spoken word is even more so. After all, how can the written word compare to the tone inflection, power, and pause of a spoken sentence? Words can make us happy, sad, angry, sorrowful, and a host of other emotions just by a single statement. Obviously, there is no limit except the limit of the senders’ vocabulary and the receiver’s imagination.

Each day we speak thousand of words and don’t consider the effects. This is where we should focus, more than ever now, in these tense times of spoken words and unspoken sorrows. Before you consider, or definitely begin speaking you need to consider the outcome of your statements. To not do so is a crime against your listener, and something you may lament for all time.

Years ago I worked at a drug store. A lot of years ago. While there I was attracted to a young lady. One day she came in with a new perm and she asked how I liked it. I said it is like a poodle, and she laughed and we smiled. What she did not know was I liked poodles, had poodles at home and thought she looked great. We never got together. Fast forward 34 years and I saw her at a local store. I smiled and we talked and she told me something I did not know. She was always attracted to me, she got the perm all those years ago for me, and thought I hated it. After that night she went home and washed the perm out, and never had one again. I was not only devastated, I was embarrassed that I never explained further. As I explained to her and told her I thought she was perfect then and looked as young now, she smiled and we talked for a moment about how silly we both were. (I think just to make me feel good since I was such a dinglehead) We both walked away happy, and though I feel sad, I smile for the things I learned. I hope she did as well.

We need to consider the moment, the words, the audience and the way we speak and ensure we are not only choosing our words correctly, but choosing them correctly for our audience. Any less, and we probably should reconsider talking.

So as the sun sets on another day, words are everywhere. We are the stewards of our own words and perhaps we should take the advice Thumpers mother gave in Bambi. If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all. Perhaps, just a little, if we can take a moment and use our words wisely, we can make the world a better place, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, eat s’mores, and love

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