The sun sets on another day…

I was in a conversation about how good and bad days just happen, and good and bad feelings just happen. The conversation was centered on how could I be positive when I spent a considerable amount of time also considering the negatives of life. I thought a lot about the conversation, and in the process laughed a little at how it both started and ended, talking about a movie.

Each day we are given a number of situations to react to and we chose how to react to them. For example, on Friday I intended to be somewhere at a much earlier time, and instead worked with a person on an issue. I could have seen it as a huge detractor to my day and made it a bad day, but as bad as it was, it gave me time to think and enjoy a night drive, then experience sleeping in rest areas again. Now we can say that it was not the best day, or we can look at the positive side and realize I made it, and in the process, enjoyed the drive and just be happy.

I know I know, I write about positives a lot, but the negatives are there. Each day there is a negative all over you trying to take your breath away. Each day there is a bill, or a situation that really wants to cause you to stop and break down, if even a little, but I tend to think we have the ability to choose to be happy each day and take the higher road. 

You won’t see or hear this often, but my life was not exactly a bed of roses, and some paces were pretty devastating. I was told by my grandparent a long time ago that we can overcome anything if we just belive, and we make the day ours. So far, I have not had anything I cannot overcome with a little bit of a positive attitude.

So as the sun sets on another day, consider all the bad in your life, and yes, it is bad. (No doubt) Now, do you want to let it in to control you, or can you find the good and make that part the part necessary to make your life complete. Can you take a moment and truly be happy in spite of the sadness. After all, without sadness how would we know what happy was like? (Nifty thought huh? Enjoy each day like it is the best day ever, even if it is not, and find a way to happiness, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, look at the stars, and hope someone is wishing with you…


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