From a moment…

The sun sets on another day…

From moment to moment the sun moves across the sky. It is neither slow nor fast, it just is what it is. We often get lost in moments, or vice versa. Perhaps it would be better if the moments were lost in us. Literally, there is not better way to spend a moment than lot in that moment.

I remember watching the movie “Star Trek Insurrection” in which a man falls in love, and in a moment it stretched far beyond. Time seemed to stand still as two became one. Funny how that works. A moment stretched to its breaking point by sheer will, a moment hat was meant to last.

We often have these moments and some of us stretch them to the breaking point, while other let them pass. I would like to think that a moment meant for longer is worth holding on to as long as possible. I will always hold on to the feel of my daughter in my hand for the first time, my son’s power and strength (yes, they are different), a friends kind words, a boisterous debate with special people, a warm hand , this and so much more. A moment may be a moment to some, but a moment lost can never be regained and I have found so many moments that simply were and are not long enough.

In the end, it is only a moment. Right?

No. Simply and permanently, no.

Tonight I am lost for a moment writing a short story that came to me over a discussion with a friend, quite honestly my best friend. I hope that I can do my vision justice, and be lost in this moment for a short time.

So as the sun sets on another day, never pass up a moment. A simple act of kindness can be yours forever while a child’s laugh can be the most important moment of your life. Each moment that passes is not just a moment, it is a lost dream, or an unfulfilled time. We need to hold on to these moments each day, and remember that one kiss, or that special word, holding on to the warmth inside, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and live it, every day…

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