Fun guy…

The sun sets on another day…

So Did you here the joke about the fungus? I could tell it to you, but it might need time to grow on you.

OK, OK, while I sit here and giggle at me being such a fun guy, I will give you some shroom to know a little about who you are that are reading. I don’t look often and don’t pay as much attention to statistics anymore, I write so some people can read and so that my children can see things as I have seen them. (Well, at least close).

First 29000sunsets was developed as a concept in 2005, then moved to Godaddy in 2010. In that time it has been moved from several servers, first as a series of static pages, and later as a blog. In 2015 the entire blog was reset in favor of a more streamlined platform however the statistics were moved over with the actual technology change. Since inception 29000 sunsets has had over 2 million hits. Those would be actual page turns. In that time the system was not tracking data as effectively and was unable to effectively distinguish between actual users and phantom or crawler hits. 

This has changed. 2 years ago a new statistics program was installed that allows for tracked changes. At that time we tried to allow users to log on and begin interacting, only to be overrun with Viagra ads and strangeness. Today’s 29000 sunsets allows only a few admins to have access. This may be revisited in the future, but for now it is just a place to read and see a picture that you may like.

Although the bulk of posts and pictures are by Andrew Smith, over 25 other users have submitted pictures that have been used on 29000 sunsets. Only 2 writers have participated at this time. At some point, more writers may be involved, but not at the moment. At the current time 736 posts have run daily without a break, and have had pictures to go with them.

The site has grown on some people. Between 40 and 100 unique accounts log on daily. This is dependent on the day, and most likely more dependent on the breeze blowing than topic or photo. Over a year ago the feed started being added to Facebook daily and the effect has been positive, but not as great as expected. Only a few months ago an actual Facebook page was created, but it has not been used heavily at this point.

Over the last year there have been over 4000 unique visitors. At the same time there have been in excess of 60,000 page turns. This is more than 10 pages per user. Some users look at more, some less, some daily, some not. It is interesting to see this dynamic. 

So who cares, right?

This week I have seen a few show up from other areas. Brazil and South Korea have never shown up, and now they have. The rest of the world is seldom but over 20 countries have visited. Over 99% of hits are currently from the United States. I stopped for a moment today as I took the picture noted above because well, it seems like 29000 sunsets is growing on a few people. That  may be a good thing, or a bad thing, but since you have not run off yet, get a laugh from it, and be happy.

So as the sun sets on another day, well, enjoy yourself. Take a moment and realize that the world is a better place because you are in it, and thank you for making 29000 sunsets at least a small success. 

Sleep sweet, smile like you are crazy, and try to be happier every day until you explode, err, try to be happier every day…


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