Day by day…

The sun sets on another day…

Imagine, no beginning and no end, well, not as far as we know anyway. From our first breath, a sunset fell that eve, and on our last breath, a sunset will fall again. We are all that is between, each sunset heralding the promise of a new day, and closing the previous. We have measured for all our written time by the day, but the sunrise and the sunset, and counted those days relentlessly.

So what if the days were no more right now. Have you done the things you intended to do? Have you achieved those goals that will make you lie in peace, or is there more to do? The question in your mind should be “why?”

When I thought of 29000 sunsets it was to define a life and give us a finite limit. Even though we have only the limits we place on ourselves, this was an average of a life. 29000 days, 29000 nights, 29000 sunsets. All the time in the world, or no time at all. It is up to you to determine.

Yes, this may seem slightly negative. After all, some people could interpret I am talking about the end. Some would say I am focusing on death, some people would be wrong.

If we were no more tomorrow, why not appreciate today. If today was day 28999, would you be different than 28997? Appreciate what you have? Appreciate the gift you have been given? Stop for a moment, take a picture, hold someones hand, smile at someone, make someone laugh, listen to someone special, do something but don’t waste the moment, don’t waste the day, don’t waste a life.

Now, it is not for me to say what life is successful, or what life is wasted. That is for you to say. You may feel that working 8 hours a day, coming home, eating dinner, watching 2.1 hours of television, brushing your teeth and going to be ready for the next day of the same is the best life ever. You could also feel that riding a  surfboard on top of a truck to work, laughing all day, singing a song when there is no music, and diving out a perfectly good plane is the best life ever. You may feel anything you want because it is your life. Yours to explore, to live, and yours to evaluate. 

So what do you do? Maybe balance is a good idea, maybe not, but find your way and make your life an amazing one, for you, and those you love.

So as the sun sets on another day, today may be day 1, or day 10001, or more, who knows. (If it is day 1 and you are reading this, wow). No matter what day it is, make today your day, and when tomorrow comes greet it with open arms and the knowledge that it too will be the best day ever, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, live hard, and love like there is no tomorrow…


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