Light and Airy…

The sun sets on another day…

Wow, the sun is going fast now. It seems like it is running away, perhaps from hurricanes, and trying to get all of us to chase it dutifully. Under normal circumstances we are sitting outside until later waiting for the sunset, soon we will have to jump in a car after work to find and snap a picture of the elusive sunset.

ever notice we often get caught up so much in the “how”, that we miss the “why”, like I just did?! Like “How in the world am I going to get a picture of the sunset” when I should be thinking “I just love taking pictures of the sunset” and suddenly find a way.

We have to drop out of the “how” and be more light and airy, find our way but be happy though it, if it becomes a chore, it should be no more. 

Yes, I know, work is hard, and sometimes taxing, but in our personal lives, the mundane can sometimes whip us in new and existing ways and a mere moment can lift us up to new heights.

Years ago I had a photo studio. I loved taking pictures. One after another I would always feel excited about taking a photo, and spend the time necessary to make it right. Then the first customer did not pay, why, because they did not like something that they gave no input on. I was out the money and not recovering it as fast as I needed. Then models were unhappy or wanted more money and it became negotiations between the sponsor and I. Eventually, the photography was not the focus, I was more worried about the “how”, than the “why”. The “how” being keeping even ground so I never lost money, the “why” being I loved taking pictures and seeing the smiles of happy customers. In the end I closed the studio so I could focus on enjoying my photography! Have you ever done something similar?

So, as the sun sets on another day, when getting the job done, figure out “how”, but always remember “why”. We should spend enough time on the “how” but it should never make the “why” less important. Find your “why”, and make it a super part of your day, and figure out the “how” so you can do the “why”, but not so much it drags you down. Be happy with your “how” and “why”, and stay a little lighter, and be positive with yourself, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, smile like a maniac, and enjoy the evening breeze…

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